You Can Become What You Think – Dream Big 2k18


Ladies and Gentleman it takes courage to live your dreams. It takes courage to stand where you want to. It takes courage to start something which can change your life and it takes courage to manifest your greatness. There are times when you decide to take a step forward and someone knocks you down. There are times when you are broke and life seems like a path full of thorns. But always remember, theres nothing you cannot be, theres nothing you cannot do and theres absolutely nothing you cannot have.

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You are the most beautiful thing god has ever created but you do not know who you are. You have this great power within you which you don´t know how to harvest.

They cannot pull you down, they cannot hurt you because you are stronger than anyone else out there. You are your own rule-maker. You set the guidelines and you decide how well you have done, how well you are doing and what extra efforts it needs. You are the one who decided what you really are and who you wanna become.

And you are the only one who can judge your performance on how well you are doing. You are your only competition. Stop making excuses if your life isn´t taking off. Stop blaming others for your failures. All you see and all you become is the outcome of what you think and what your idea about life is. Do you want your life to truly take off? Life will take off for you, then, when you choose for it to.

Make a choice, right now and see the changes. You have not made a choice yet, or have you? You have procrastinated, prolonged, protracted and protested. But now is the time when you make a choice. Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Look at you and the things you have been resisting from long. Look at you see what you have become, look and see what you can become. Stop resisting as the more you resist, the more you fear and the more you fear, the more you attract it.

Embrace it, with open arms and wide open eyes.

Face the reality it has to offer and look through it. That is where you wanna reach and that is what you want to achieve. Motivation? It never helps you in long run. Today you are motivated, tomorrow you wont be. These negative forces are gonna pull you down, down till you break but its upon you to stop resisting and just take off.


Look through these hurdles and look at where you wanna reach. That is when you will take off. Have you seen a rocket take off? It burns most of its fuel during the launch because that is the hardest part. Put all your energy to start what you dream in your mind. Spill out all your dreams in front of you and talk to yourself about how you can achieve them. Start valuing yourself and accept that you can do it. If you wanna be a millionaire, write yourself a cheque right now and be confident enough to cash it after 5 years. Stick it on the wall and make plans around it. Things you can do and things which leads you right there.

If you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, launch yourself out of bed every morning and hit the gym while others are snoring.

Don´t snooze because if you want to launch yourself, theres just one moment when you can do it and you need to leave your bed the very instant your alarm goes off. No, its not gonna be easy because it was never supposed to be easy.

Don´t ask for easy. If at all it was easy, everyone would have been ripped, everyone would have been a millionaire and every single person would have lived a perfect life. You first live your perfect life inside your head, you see it and then you work on it. If you can´t see it, you are never gonna get it. Dare to dream, dare to speak out what your dream about.

Dare to look into the mirror and stop resisting. Dare to look through your hurdles and dare to launch yourself when its about time. You get to live just once and being such a magnificent creature that you are, make the most of it.

Become the best version of yourself because you are the best..

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