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What Rich People Know About Spending Money

So do you want your company to grow bigger? Do you want to hire more staff? Do you need more equipment or better equipment? You need to answer these questions before you think of about really reinvesting in how you want it to grow. You should also have a really good accountant, someone who can advise you on how to save money on your taxes, how to figure out what to do with retirement money, how much you should save and where you should actually put it; and also what you can afford in terms with hiring staff.

Next up you mentioned paying yourself and saving which both fall under the umbrella of your personal finances.

Paying yourself and saving are hugely important but once again it depends on what the rest of your financial life actually looks like. So do you have credit card debt right now? Do you have existing savings? What are your personal financial goals? Look, as you know no one teaches us about money in school. At least they didn’t teach us about that in my school. So it’s up to each of us to get educated about money, how it works and what to do with it once we have some. So to give you some recommendations, here are three financial experts that have made a really big impact on my financial life. First up, we’ve got Mr. David Bach and specifically two of his books, Smart Women Finish Rich and The Automatic Millionaire. Now you may have heard of David before because he’s appeared on Oprah lots of times, very smart gentleman.


It’s kind of amazing. Some people think he’s slightly abusive or maybe even a little bit belligerent. I like that kind of thing! That’s how I like my advice, like straight up, hardcore! This is what you do, that’s it! So you should check out Ramit, if that style works for you. Now again there are loads of financial gurus out there with really sound advice but if I were you, Ainsley, I would brush up on some of the personal financial basics and get some clarity around your money goals. Then you know what you can do, you can take all that jingle from your hot online business and you can put it to good use. Cha-Ching! So that is my A to your Q, woman! Thank you so much for asking. Money is such an important topic and I’m so glad that we started to dive into it today. If you have personal favorite financial resources to share, leave a comment below this video! Let me know what you enjoy. If you like this video, like it! Share it all around the interwebs because that would be great! If you’re not yet on the newsletter list and you never want to miss another episode of Marie TV, get your butt over to marieforleo.com.

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