What Rich People Really Want?


The chances of people running away and taking their assets with them is too great. We need to go down a different route.

The aim is to seduce the rich, to make them want to benefit their society in return for giving them what we know they deep down really want. but haven’t until now, reliably been able to get, except through money, namely, honour! we know well enough that societies can motivate people very powerfully through honour soldiers will perform extraordinary feats in the battlefield in return for the highest gratitude from their countries they don’t even asked to be paid very much! scientists will labour in poverty for decades in the hope of winning a nobel prize yet as societies, we’re only just beginning to explore what good can come out of vanity in the realm of business.

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In the commercial world, there are at present, no systematic failsafe methods for gaining status in return for doing what society desperately needs capitalists to do: treat their workers well, and produce useful, environmentally-sound goods and services in some countries.

There may be the odd hope of a medal from the president or a royal, if one behaves well but the chances of securing one are simply too remote and unpredictable to motivate hard-headed capitalists in their actions from day to day it remains far more rational to peg one’s hopes for status on the verifiable criteria of money rather than the vague chance of an invitation from the palace this is precisely what needs to be changed.

Society should do a systematic deal with capitalists it should give them the honor and love they so badly crave in exchange for treating their workers as human beings, not abusing customers, and properly looking after the planet the prestige should be enormous!

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