What Rich People Really Want?


Rich people have a lot of power, one of the key questions of modern economics, and politics is.. What do the rich really want? The standard of assumption is tended to be more money, but the reality is stranger and more hopeful…

Ironically, the one thing that the rich general aren’t much more motivated by is money itself. They have far more than enough of that already, enough to keep 10 generations going.

The rich are not therefore working to make more money with an eye to spending it. They’re making more money in order to keep scored…

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To put it as simplest, in order to be respected and liked. The rich are working for love, and for honor They stay up late in the office out of vanity, because they want to be able to walk into rooms full of strangers, and be swiftly recognised by those that matter as miraculous and clever. Surveying the problem of capitalism, the standard responsible of the left has been to suggest that one should simply tax the rich more.

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But this fails to grasp and therefore properly to exploit the real psychological motives of the rich. The rich only pursue money frantically to a great collective cost, because wealth appears to be the primary, most objective source of honor in the modern world.

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But if only we can fix how honor is obtained, we can be able to redirect their mania to more socially beneficial ends in ways the working sync with their deformed, ego-driven personalities At present, a natural inclination is to force the rich to give up their wealth using the instrument of new taxes, but this strategy is doomed.

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