WAKE UP WITH DETERMINATION – Design The Life You Want (very powerful)


Here’s the hard truth. People don’t necessarily want you to succeed..

And the bigger your dream, the more people that are gonna come out of the woodwork to try to stop you. As Oliver Emberton said:

“The only way to avoid pissing people off is to do nothing important.”

But if you’re striving for something important, if you’re trying to make real change, if there’s something in your life that you are absolutely hell bent to make happen, you’ve got to understand that you’re gonna be fighting against something. People are going to be pushing back against you. And it is going to be your ability to hold true to that vision that’s going to determine whether you can pull it off. And as Victor Hugo said: “You have enemies? Good! It means you stood up for something at some point in your life.” And that’s what people miss.

They somehow wanna get through this unscathed. They somehow hope that with this grand change that they wanna make, the people just fall in love. That they see your vision. That they fall in line behind you and that they want you to lead them. That’s not the way the people work. Having a vision already puts you in an incredibly, rare group of people. Being able to see something that other people can’t see, that is the role of a visionary. It’s literally to interpret the world that other people don’t even know exist. And bring it to fruition. And get people excited about it. Get them to fall in line.

But understand, when you build an army, you will have an opposing force. But as Mark Twain said: “Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions.

Small people always do that. But the really great ones, they make you believe that you too can become great.” And that’s the kind of person that you wanna surround yourself with. You wanna surround yourself with people that believe in you. You wanna surround yourself with people that even when they can’t see it, they can see you. Even when they don’t understand what you’re trying to build, they believe in you. And they’re willing to get in line. And they’re willing to meet that opposing force.

And when you’re able to galvanize people around your idea, and push it forward and pay for them. The world not as it is but as it could be. That’s when you can make change. But you can’t be afraid to piss people off. You have to know that they’re coming for you. And you have to be willing to fight. Because if you’re not willing to fight, you might as well sit down now.

So if you’re gonna be one of the few that stands up, you’ve gotta stand up prepared for war.

The biggest poison in us is regret. It’s poison. And I push so hard, so hard. And well, through my vehicle, which isn’t meditation, which isn’t health and wellness, which isn’t non-profit. My vehicle is business. I can’t help it. It’s what I love. I love building businesses. I love competing with you. I wanna beat you. I love that game. But through that vehicle, I will always push a lack of regret and awareness to how good it really is. You’re more than welcomed to tell me about how bad it is or why you can’t. Because for what. But it’s just not true. Because if anybody ever did it, then you can too. Stop making excuses.

Stop complaining. Nobody’s listening. They may pretend they’re listening. The market doesn’t care. What you need to do is make one person happy. You! Then you can make everybody else happy. You know why I like making people happy? Cause I’m already happy. And so I implore you to take this last little rant and really look at your f***ing face and understand. Are you doing the things that are putting you in a position to succeed? Not just in a business world, but in life. Because it’s super important. Because boy, when you’re happy in life, your f***ing business can roll. And so, I’m just trying to figure it out. And I’ve been trying to figure it out in front of you for the last seven, eight years.

Trying to figure it out the unlocks. EQ, IQ, self-awareness, hustle, I don’t know what they are. You know why? Cause like I told my dad, it’s 330 different unlocks. And so I’ll go to all of them.

They’re all tried and true and one might hit you, yeah it was hard work because I’m actually lazy. I talk a good game but I’m full of s**t. Or, it might be something else. But, f***! And so, You’re in for this, right? It’s good, right? This is some good s***. You’re gonna remember this? Good. One f***ing life. One life, my friends. One time. And honestly, I’ll leave you with this because a lot of you need it.


I wanna tell you something. That every successful person has to do. Including you. Believe it or not, every successful person in this world has jumped. I’m gonna tell you what I mean by that. Eventually you are going to have to jump. You cannot just exist in this life. You have got to try to live. If you are waking up thinking that is gotta be more to your life than it is, man, believe that it is. Believe in your heart to hearts that it is. But to get to that life you gonna have to jump. And I’ll tell you why I call it jumping. See, God when he created all of us, he gave every last one of us a gift at birth. He never created a soul without endowing them with a gift.

You just gotta quit looking at gifts as run and jump and sing and dance.

It’s more than that. Cause if you know how to network, if you can connect dots, if you draw, if you teach, some of yall fry chicken better than anybody else, bake pie. Some of you cut hair, color hair. Some people do grass. I got a partner man, never wanted to go out with us because we stayed out too late. Come on man, go out with us! No, I gotta get up early in the morning, I’m cutting this Johnson grass. We kept laughing at this dude. Cutting grass? How much they pay you? He got a landscaping company in Cleveland worth 4 million dollars. Cause all he do is cut grass. But he was gifted to that. I got a partner own a detail shop make 800.000 $ a year. Detailing cause he got six mobile trucks running around.

800.000 $ a year. All he do is detail company. That his gift, that’s what he love to do. You got to identify that gift. Now listen to me. When you see people in life when you’re standing on the cliff of life, and you see people soaring by, when you see people soaring, going to exotic places, you hear about them doing wonderful things, maybe you look up your street and your neighbor just gets a car every year, every two years, Yo, how’s he doing that? Have you ever thought maybe this person right here has identified their gift and is living in their gift.

Because you bible says: This is your bible. Says: “Your gift will make room for you.” Your gift, not your education. You go get an education that’s nice. But if you don’t use your gift, that education ain’t gonna take you so far. I know a lot of people got degrees man! That they ain’t even use them. It’s your gift. But the only way for you to sort, is you got to jump. You got to take that gift that’s packed away on your back. You’ve got to jump off that cliff and pull that cord.

That gift opens up. And provides the soul. If you don’t ever use it, you’re going to just go to work. And if you getting up going to work on a job every day that you hate going to, that ain’t living man! You just existed. At one point in time, you’ll want to see what’s living like. But the only way to see what’s living like, you gotta jump!

And here’s the problem. Let me just be real with you. When you first jump, let me let you something, the parachute will not open right away. I’m sorry! I wish I could tell you it did! But it don’t. When you jump is not going to open right away. You’re gonna hit them rocks. You’re gonna get some skin torn off on them cliffs. You’re gonna get all your clothes torn off. You’re gonna get some cuts on you. You’re gonna be bleeding pretty bad.

But eventually, eventually the parachute has to open. That is a promise of God. That ain’t a theory, it’s a promise. And this promise it is true. Cause listen to me. You cannot name one single thing God has not gotten you through.

Name it. And if he ain’t got you through it, he kindly pulling you through it right now. And the living proof of it is you sitting in here. If he hadn’t have got you through it, you wouldn’t even be here. So if he ain’t never not got you through it, why would he not he let your parachute open? He has to open man! But you gotta jump tho! Now, here’s another thing. You can play it safe. And deal without the cuts and the tears. And you can stand on that cliff for life, forever safe. But if you don’t jump, I’ve got another promise I can make. Your parachute will never open. You’ll never know. You’ll never know what God really have. See, your God has a wonderful life. Once again, I’m gonna refer to your Bible. Now, you go down there, you memorize these scriptures, you don’t apply them to yourself. Your Bible says that it comes to give you life.

And give you life more abundantly. If I were you, I would jump. Because that’s the only way to get to that abundant life. You got to jump, man! You got to take a chance. Now, when I get through talking, there are those of you who will discuss this in the car. Well, I got bills. And I got…I got bills. Whether you’re staying on the cliff or you jump, you’re gonna have bills. Well, if I quit my job I’m gonna ruin my credit.


If you got a job, you’re living check to check. Even if you got a one credit you can’t buy nothing else, no damn way. Do yourself a favor man! Before you leave this world, before you die, jump! Just jump one time!.