The Winning Mentality – Powerful Motivation 2018

There´s so many individuals out there… that are so talented in different things and never accomplish anything. life can be fun but it is like a light at the end of a dark tunnel we go through dark times but goodness always comes out of it. The world is filled with talented people. And they never accomplish anything.

The body has limitations. The mind does not. We focus so much, on what goes from the neck down.

That we forget it all starts here. If you aren’t mentally ready… You are never really physically prepared. Why most people never achieve their goals, while 2 or 3 percent really achieve a high level of success? The people who took this one action, every single day.

Were the ones who achieved their goals and dreams more often than anybody else. Find your passion is also one the biggest question.

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You just kinda try everything. You just got to keep trying. One of the things is like you have to be motivated to at least try. I firmly believe that everybody on this planet.. has a gift. It’s your job to figure out what that gift is. Then it becomes your job to decide whether you’re going to act on that or not.

There is nothing we can not do. It really matter of setting a focus goal. Because without a target you will miss it every time.

Picking the target and then picking the steps along the way and realizing that all the resources all the capital all the expertise is there. But ultimately it’s only gonna be capped if that target is in your heart and your soul.

What changes our whole life is action. Why don’t we take action? FEAR What we got to do to get ourselves to do it? We gotta make sure that we push ourselves trough it by making that decision The point in witch change happens is a decision.

Every change you want in your life will come will come from something simple. A decision. See? A real decision is not like a preference. It’s not like you’ll say I’ll try it and see. That’s not a decision.

A decision it´s the first step… Decision it´s like a war… i got to do this or that all right, I’ going to make myself through this but commitment is when you nail after you’ve decided you commit to do this for the long term whether it’s hard or easy doesn’t matter you’re doing it takes it from this moment and it carries it in the future even when things are difficult to sythe commit and resolve don’t wait until you’re 25 or 35 or 45 years old start building that discipline right now to get what you want because there’s 7 billion other people on this planet trying to get it , trying to get this thing called success see most people think success is a straight line .

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