The Key to being a Successful Entrepreneur | DailyVee 224

Today we are going to transcript our best insights from DailyVee 224 “We Love Gary so enjoy the show”

“Hey guys. I think that we can do cool cultural stuff like, take a break week where you work on different stuff. Like just good stuff. It’s a great way for us to mix people.

So we create little four-person teams that don’t work together and that creates culture, right?

So there’s some really, I would probably pay to have four people like a four person beta team.

Like creative, accounts, strategy, paid Four people to work together for a week that don’t work together, I’d probably pay to do that because I think it’d be positive for our five year macro for our business getting paid (censored) for the weeks’ worth of work is a good idea.

A, to be very frank, I love that. I love that there’s no hardcore obvious thing that they can make an episode around. I love that, Tyler. I love that you have nothing, because it’s just boring execution. You know, this is the point of the vlog.

The point is people think entrepreneurship or success is the bullshit photo of you at Coachella or you on a private plane or you and your boys or your girls champagne-ing it up. The reality is 99% of successful entrepreneurship is just like ax to the tree.

I’m a big believer everything happens for a reason when it does. – Yeah. If you just DM that person, be like awesome– – Right, right. Yeah. –

Then they’ll be like holy shit, Like it will open up shit all of a sudden when you do that and you do awesome as a Giants punter, whether they know you or not. Next thing you know, couple months from now, they’re doing a meeting with you.

I’m good at looking at shit and being like, okay. – [Brad] Yeah. – [Gary] It’s all the off the field shit. – Yeah, oh absolutely. – Investing, the money.

the truth is it’s 99 percent of eating shit, 99 percent of milking cows, 99 percent of fucking axing trees. It’s the non-sexy shit that is the foundation to successful entrepreneurship.

Doing the right thing, bringing people value. Rinse and repeat. Have talent, have a strategy, work hard, work smart, day in and day out.

What are you doing on a Monday night at P.M.?

Are you about to walk into another two hour meeting? By the way, if your ambition doesn’t speak to you having to be in business meetings to on weeknights then that’s great. Everybody has different KPIs but make sure your actions back up your fucking mouth.

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