Stanford Spotlight – Graduate Students Talk About Earning a Degree Online


I would say the honors co-op program made it possible for me to have the career I have now.. I really was an electrical engineer, and that’s all I was when I got out of undergraduate school.

I don’t think I would have been able to succeed in with essentially a undergraduate school.

This honors co-op program really benefited me professionally because I was able to get some exposure to what the business world is like. And found out that’s something I like to do. And subsequently, at least at Xerox, I was able to move away from an engineering career path, to, um, moving to the strategic business office.


The honors co-op program had a very deep impact on my professional development, ah, because it really gave me the skills that ah I need to do my job today, which is no longer pure engineering, but a much broader sense of whole business management.

I, as a hiring manager, and, ah, am looking for talent, when I see a Stanford Master’s degree on that resume, first of all, I know what it means to get one. And I actually put on my resume not only that I got my master’s degree, but I also did it during the time when I was working.

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