With a self-image that consists of a high level of confidence you can overcome obstacles and begin manifesting amazing results for yourself if you lack confidence in any area of your life it’s important to get back to the root of who you really are and begin to see yourself from that perspective,

the more self-confidence we have the better results we get with this simple exercise you should feel an immediate boost to your self-image on a scale of 1 to 100 with 1 being,

the lowest self-confidence you could have and 100 being the highest self-confidence you could have right the number that represents your confidence level in yourself in this moment especially in relation to reaching the goals of what you want from life now imagine that a reporter is coming to do an interview with you about your life he will want to discuss all the accomplishments you’ve had over the years to prepare for this interview.

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it’s important that you write these things down so that you don’t forget to mention everything you’ve had success with in life grab a piece of paper and something to write with begin writing down every Instantly improve your “self image” – “Powerful technique” to produce authentic “self confidence” (law of attraction) achievement you’ve had starting from when you were very young think of the people that praised you most and what they praised you for also write down everything that you’re proud of yourself for accomplishing start at a very early age include any artwork that you made for your parents when you were in preschool and note how your parents thought it was the most wonderful piece they’d ever seen.

Talk about your childhood activities in sports that you dedicated yourself to work your way through grade school and into middle school maybe you’ve had a science fair project that you were particularly proud of write down your accomplishments from high school it could be as simple as acing a paper that you worked really hard on what else did you achieve outside of school this can be as simple as baking a cake with your grandmother that turned out really well or maybe you volunteered at an organization to assist others maybe you earned badges from Boy Scouts are,

always helped your mom bring in the groceries begin to move into your early adult life what skills have you developed that you are particularly good at what hobbies have you picked up that you feel accomplishment about what work-related achievements have you acquired write down everything that you can think of that made you or others proud of you starting all the way from your earliest memories until present moment now begin to imagine that as you’re writing your Instantly improve your self image.

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Achievements down that the room you’re in is separated into two equal parts by a glass wall now imagine that the spiritual essence of you floats up and out of your body and goes through that glass wall and into the other part of the room on the other side of the glass see yourself as seeing through the spiritual essence of you floating out of your body and on to the other side as this spiritual you you are now watching the other you writing down all of the accomplishments that you’ve achieved throughout your lifetime.

now begin to notice that there’s another person standing next to the spiritual part of you this is someone from your life that holds the most value love and respect for you you can see that this other person is watching the you that is writing down all of their accomplishments and how proud they are of you the look on this person’s face is complete adoration and admiration now imagine that the spirit part of you whose eyes you are seeing through steps into the body of the person that holds you in such high regard and begins to observe the other you that is writing down their accomplishments as this happens for the very first time you can see yourself through their loving and caring eyes you can now see yourself how they see you.

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Powerful technique to produce authentic self confidence they think of you you can hear their thoughts and begin to understand how much this person loves and values you and how proud they are of you for everything you’ve achieved spend a few moments looking at yourself through this person’s eyes when you have a good sense of how they see you and you can hear how they think about you begin to pay attention to the depths of the feelings they have for you,

take a few moments to really feel how much they love value and respect you and feel those feelings and all of their intensity when you feel confident that you have all three how they see you what they think about you and the depth of the emotions that they feel for you step out of their body as your spiritual self go back through the glass wall and float all the way back into yourself in your current,

present moment of writing down your accomplishments because the spiritual side of you is able to connect so deeply with this person that values you it changes things you now know how you are viewed by others and the way they feel about you ask yourself again.

What’s my level of self-confidence and how do I now feel about myself image on a scale of 1 to 100 write a number regarding how high your self-confidence is now this number will most likely have increased significantly from your first answer if it didn’t repeat the process again take as much time as you need to connect with the thoughts and emotions of the person that respects and adores you this technique is a very powerful way to,

When we have authentic self-confidence the image of the self becomes unshakable this means that roadblocks that may have thrown us off in the past are no longer an issue because the process establishes a means of support within you by using this technique daily you build upon that support and alter your self image in a meaningful and profound way Instantly improve your self image.

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