How to Hiring and Working With Your Lawyer


Most people only deal with a lawyer a few times in their lives. And often when something goes wrong. Today we’ll discuss how to hire and work with a lawyer. We’ll talk first about how to choose and then hire a lawyer.

And then we’ll give you some tips for working with your lawyer…

First, you’ll need to find a lawyer to hire. To find information about how to do so, view the My Laws, “Finding Legal Help”. Remember, you’re hiring a person to complete a job for you. And it doesn’t have to be the first person you meet. You decide whether or not to hire a lawyer even if they’re providing this service for free or at a low cost.


lawyer photo

If a lawyer contacts you by phone or in-person about representing you, and you’ve never met the lawyer, don’t hire that lawyer. Lawyers may not contact potential clients directly under the Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct which governs lawyers in Maryland.

There are exceptions for lawyers with whom you already have a relationship. Interview different lawyers and bring the list of any questions you may have. You should feel good about who you hire and how the lawyer will pursue your legal goals.

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