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How to Handle Pressure as an Entrepreneur

There’s one thing I fear with people that follow all these different videos online especially Valuetainment being one of them is to think it is so easy to become an entrepreneur.

I don’t want to mislead you for you to think this is easy.

The game of entrepreneurship is very, very hard. This is why only a few choose to become entrepreneurs and the majority are wanting to stay on the sidelines playing it safe. Just keep that part in mind. So, a lot of people that wanna work entrepreneurship, I’m gonna go out and be an entrepreneur, you got know one thing here. And that is if you don’t handle pressure, you’re gonna end up on this side very quickly. This is why there’s a few on this side because they learn how to handle pressure. This is not just in the game of business. Look into the game of baseball, sports. I remember one time many, many years ago I used to go to Dodger games.

I was 13/14 years old and I went to a game against Houston Astros. Back in the days the squad was Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Ken Camminitti, Kevin Bass and I liked the Houston Astros team at that time. And one of my favorite players was Ken Camminitti. And I would never forget as a kid, Ken Camminitti was a left handed third basemen. He hit I think 41 home runs one season. Just beautiful swing he had.

I go afterwards and I’m with Kevin Bass, I’m talking to Kevin Bass. Ken Camminitti is to my left. He starts crying and hugging this lady. 15 minutes he’s crying while he’s hugging this lady. And I watch this saying, “Oh my gosh, what is goin gon here?” And all she was saying was begging him to stop drinking or whatever it was. Fast forward a few years later, you know what happens to Ken Camminitti? He ends up dying.

This story I have personal friends that this happens. I just had one happen to/three weeks ago. Same exact scenario I’m telling you here. Because why? Because of this subject of pressure. So, Hollywood happens all the time. Business happens all the time. Sports it happens all the time. This happens all the time. So, I want to put a formula behind it where you’re gonna be able to say, “Okay, cool. I kind of know how to handle pressure”. That still doesn’t guarantee you’re gonna make it a business, I just wanna kind of give you an idea of what could possibly take place with you.

So, times for pressure you’re gonna face some business. Let’s go through a few of them. One of them is fast success, fast money. I gotta Snapchat earlier today from a kid. 21 year old kid, this is what the snap says, “Pat, I’m 21 years old. I just made one million dollars this year. I am so afraid. What should I do?” He’s never made that kind of money. His parents have never made that kind of money and little lone making it that fast at 21 years old.

That is pressure. Some people might say, “I’d love to have that kind of a pressure”. It’s still pressure. Personal life issues, pressure. You’re having a relationship, it doesn’t work out, how do you bring it in business and you’re still trying to close a deal. You got a relationship issue, wife, dad, money, husband, kids, all this other stuff. Getting sued. It’s gonna happen in business. Uh, losing talent to another company. It’s gonna happen in business. You know, uh, a big order canceled. Somebody ordered with you a hundred thousand dollars, you’re excited, you’re about to get the order, boom, they cancel it with you.

You don’t know what to do. You sold the house, you sold the insurance policy, you gotta uh, social media contract with a client and they cancel it, you don’t know how to handle that. That’s pressure. Media bashing you negatively. Pressure. New competitor, new threat taking over your position. Security breach. Somebody comes into your system and finds all these social securities. All this … It’s happened a lot recently. Ideas stolen, back stabbing, deadlines. Deadlines brings a lot of pressure to people. I had somebody just yesterday told me this in an email. This person said to me in an email saying, “I can’t necessarily promise you what I’m gonna get done by the end of this month, but I’m gonna do my best because there’s way too many variables”.

I said, “You can say that if you’re doing me a favor. But you can’t say that if I’m paying you for it”. If I’m paying you for it, there is a deadline. You gotta get it done, but some people can’t handle that pressure. That’s the world of business. The world of business isn’t this rah rah exciting, let me go be a millionaire, drive a nice cars, impress people, and girls want fork with me. That’s not the world of business just so you understand it. There’s a real legitimate part of business that you need to know how to handle this. That means a lot of friction, crisis. Sometimes you feel like it’s the end of the world and you start asking these strange questions; can I do this? Right? You hit this wall.

Boom, you’re by yourself. Can I do this? Did I make the right decision by taking money out of my 401K starting a business? Some people do that. Did I make the right decision of even getting into this industry? Did I make the right decision quitting my job? What if I fail? What will people think of me? And last, but not least, where is the smallest hole in the wall? Hole doesn’t have a what, where’s the smallest hole in the wall for me to hide in? How can I get away from everybody and hide in it? I don’t want anybody to see me.

I want to be alone. Don’t call me, don’t talk to me. Leave me alone. This sucks. Why? Boom. Pressure. Dwight Gooden? Pressure. Robert Downey Junior. Pressure. Fast success. But he recovered. Lebron James, pressure for the first many years. Can’t win. He won. Kobe Bryant. Pressure after Colorado. He recovered. Uh, Darryl Strawberry. Pressure. You got uh, what’s the other guys name? Dustin Diamond I think from back in the days from uh, Screech. Pressure. This is all different types of pressure that you’re gonna be getting. All of it. So, what do you do? So the question, Pat, how do I handle this pressure? I just signed an agreement with a big publishing company and they wanted me to write a book on how to process this issue because I’ve said this for now, two/three years on video. But I’ve been saying this for a long time if you work with me directly. The number one skillset anybody can learn in their lifetime is to learn how to process issues.

You learn how to process issues, you’re going straight to the top if you’re not afraid of working hard and knowing clearly what you want. So, I’m writing a book on exactly how to process issues and I’m getting detailed to the steps where you can actually quantify it, sit down and say, “This is exactly how I’m gonna do this”. And I’m giving you a ton of content in this book. Won’t be coming out for 18 months, so I’m not selling any books today, I’m just telling you I’m working on that right now. What’s the process? Step number one, first question you gotta ask yourself, is what’s the worst case scenario? What’s the worst thing that can happen, right? So, sometimes my friends are afraid of getting married and I ask them, “What’s the worst case scenario?” What is the worst case scenario in this situation here? The guy’s gonna leave you. Yes. Can you handle that? Uh, can you handle that? I don’t know if I can handle that. Well then, you’re not prepared to lead. What’s the worst case scenario? Could you lose that customer? Yes. Can you handle that? I think I can handle it.

It’s gonna suck but then great. What’s the worst case? So always go to the worst case. Worst case, marriage doesn’t work out. Worst case, I file bankruptcy. Worst case, always go to worst case. And if you go to worst case, you can accept worst case, then come back. If you’ve already accepted this, very rarely is this gonna happen. You can handle all the other things that’s gonna come up to you, right? Step number two is control. And when I say control, it’s very simple. What can you control with this issue and pressure that you’re facing? What can you not control? Make a list of things you can not control, I don’t even want to spend a second thinking about it. What do you control? Spend time looking at this here. Once you make a list of things that you can control, on the problems that you’re facing, next is qualifying it.

What is qualifying? Okay, I got seven things that I can control. What’s the most important? This is important, that is important, this is important. The other four, they’re really issues but they’re really not the issue. I take top three, then I finalize it and bring it down to one. The top issue. Prioritizing the cause of the number one issue. Then I ask, what is causing this. And I ask so may why. Why, why did this happen? Why did that happen? What caused this? Why, why, why until I go to the deepest why. Then you solve the deepest why. Once you solve the deepest why, duhduhduh. Then it comes over here and the pressure you say, “This is what I’m facing. It is what it is. We overcome it and we’ll move on”.

And then you move on. And by the way, just so you know, your income level, the people that make more money, they make more money because they can handle more pressure. That’s why they make more money. In sports, the guy that can take the last shot, bottom of the 9th, he can handle it. Pressure. In business, boardroom, court orderly calls, investors, pressure. In in the arena of politics, or the arena of military. Pressure. Whoever can handle pressure the best the most ends up winning and this is why I tell you when I said I don’t wanna mislead you. The world of business is very ugly. The world of business is gonna have a lot of people out there that are gonna come after you. But if you create a system and figure out a way to handle pressure and you put your work ethic where you’re going up and you’re constantly trying to find ways to improve and you put in a work ethic there and it’s important t you, you will eventually, possibly have a shot at doing this.

And the reason why I talk about this, because if you don’t handle pressure, this is what typically leads to vice. Now, I don’t wanna spend a lot of time talking about vice. But I’m talking about drugs, alcohol, ecstasy, Xanax, pain, you know, Vicodin, pot, cocaine, you know, gambling, secret gambling habits. This leads to all of that stuff because there’s an escape on the actual pressure that people want to handle. So to them, this is an escape. This is an escape. This is an escape. You know, going out there and gambling is an escape from what the actual reality is. You create this, you know handle this you wanna have to have a vice because you’re vice is trying to play this game of business seeing if you can handle it or not.

So, again, going back to it, watch this video again, figure out one of the issues that you’re facing right now that’s putting a lot of pressure on your life. Use this questionnaire, solve it and see what your deepest why is and then based on that, start working on fixing the deepest why. So, with that being said, if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, comment on the bottom and if you haven’t subscribed to this channel yet, click on the subscribe button here. And if you’re not part of the notification squad, click on the notification squad to be one of the first to get this video every time it comes up. Take care, everybody. Bye..

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