How To Buy a Tesla for $78 Per Month


“I just bought the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 and just like any 28 year old millennial I ordered it online without ever having seen it and without ever having driven one before here’s what happened I was browsing YouTube and happen to come across a video announcing the arrival of Tesla’s $35,000 model 3 as I was watching that video I opened up the second tab in my browser just a speck went out for fun…

I honestly had zero intention of ever buying one.

It’s just a guilty hobby of mine to go to car websites and spec out brand new cars just to see how expensive they would be so I went on Tesla’s website and got to work the standard range Model 3 begins that their promised price of $35,000

I quickly realized that if you increase your budget just a modest $2,000 you’ll get an extra 20 miles of range a slightly higher top speed power adjusted seat premium interior and upgraded audio…


Honestly seems like a decent value then we get to colors if you get any other color besides black it’ll cost you up to $2,500 more if you want to rent.


I’m all about saving money as we all know so we’re going with black today next do they give you the option to upgrade to 19-inch wheels for an extra $1,500 nope that’s not gonna happen.

Now we have the choice of interior color either black or white but white, this is an extra $1,000 and I would be worried about getting that dirty so I go black, and finally we have autopilot for an additional $3,000 the car will stay in its own lane and keep pace with traffic a must-have for anyone lazy like me.

They also offer the full self-driving capability for an extra five thousand dollars this includes navigating highways summoning your car and a few other technologically amazing feats but for $5,000. I think I could just do that myself so now within just a few minutes in less time than it takes to make a bag of popcorn in the microwave I was done configuring a Tesla Model 3.