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I have to admit that Most people have no work-ethic. do you recall the time when you’ve got work to do but you just couldn’t force yourself to do it ? Or maybe you were productive, but you’ve lost momentum. Don’t worry you’re not the only one.

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That was me, for the past 5 years of my life. I couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning. 

First off motivation is bullshit the word motivation is just a word you say to yourself to rationalize your laziness. “Why Am I not doing the work ?

it’s because I’m not motivated” You’re just using your lack of motivation as an excuse. When you say “i’m not feeling motivation” you’re just saying ” I don’t feel like doing the work ” That’s it Do you think that I need to to feel motivated to make these videos ? well To some extent yes, but I realize that motivation is like a wave. it comes and goes. If I rely on it, I won’t be able to achieve anything of significance. The only drive that keeps me going is self-discipline. And unlike motivation, discipline is a muscle that can be built and maintained if you apply what i’m about to show you.

Brian tracy talks about personal excellence and the importance to invest in yourself. I totally resonate with this. Personal excellence simply means, you need to start perceiving yourself as a nation or acountry. And for that country to flourish and grow prosperous, it needs investment. “Just like a country, you can invest in yourself” You do this by harnessing certain qualities in your character. Self-Discipline is one of them. so here’s what I did to get more of it. For the past five years, I was emprisoned in my room playing video games, wasting my life and I knew I had to change. Everytime I want to do something different, other than my usual unconscious routine.

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The mind gets in the way and he’s like ” Ohoy hold on buddy, what do you think you’re doing ? you want to eat healthy now? Nah you can’t do that, video games are easier and more fun” And then the mind starts to flush sensations of lethargy into my body and in a fraction of a second. I’d completely loose interest in doing meaningful tasks. That’s how powerful habits can be. However, there came a day where I began experimenting with different techniques to build self-discipline and the best one I could find was Challenge & commitment.

Here’s how it goes. You’re going to pick a challenge and then decide to beat it. I know this sounds boyish and banal like “pick a challenge and beat it” but believe me, it works. I tried this myself. Example: Decide that you will stop using facebook for a whole month. the next thing is “commitment” Tell yourself that you’re going to commit to the challenge. You’re not going to use facebook no matter what for a whole month. Make sure to Start off with easier challenges because you probably have no willpower to make bigger jumps. And this is basicly what I did. I was in a horrible situation. My first challenge was to learn how to quickly get out of bed in the morning.

I found out that Discipline in it’s core, is an accumulation for good habits. How do you build these habits in the first place ? you build them, through challenge and commitment.

If you promise yourself that This week, you’re going to meditate for 10 minutes a day. In your mind, It’s already done. You don’t have think about anymore. You Have to be a man of his word. It’s funny how people get frustrated when others break their promises but what’s worse than that is tricking your own self. “oh i’m going to do the work” and then you procrastinate. “i’ll be doing this, i’ll be doing that” but then nothing happens. Just like you made a promise to beat that videogame. You make a decision to invest yourself. that’s it. It’s funny how I began perceiving life as a video game where you keep getting stronger and stronger every time you pass a new stage or a kill a new boss. But then I realized, life is no different than a video game. You need to be continuously evolving. What happens if you stop challenging yourself ? Well, I guess it’s game over. but in real life, your life is over.

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No challenges equals comfort. Period. you’ll notice that the more challenges you overcome, the prouder you get to feel about yourself. And the more pride you feel, the further you’d want to challenge yourself. It’s a self-fulfilling cycle. and that cycle is called self-discipline. You don’t get disiplined by watching the news all day. Discipline is a mere by product of continual challenge.

The more you chill and play video games, the more you’d want to keep doing the same thing. I have no interest in playing ideo games right now but if I start playing.

I know that I’ll get hooked and it will be extremely difficult for me to turn it around later on. The point being is to start right now. Start small, one challenge per month. No more than one . For example, this month you’ll be doing thirty days of cold showers. Next month is the no-internet or the no-facebook challenge and so on. After a while, you realize that the further you stick to these challenges, the more good habits you build along the way.

And these habits will accumulate to form what we call a self-discplined person. Discipline itself becomes a habit for you. A self generated act. I want you to keep in mind that no one is different than you are. We’re all the same. The only distinction is how we think and act on a daily basis. You literally become what you do.

Ask yourself, what are the actions that i took, that got me to where I am today ? you’ll find that the answer is pretty simple yet shocking at once.

Every little dicision you made yesterday, a month ago or even a year before. Resulted in who you are, today..

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