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If you only have 24 hours in a day, your success is dependent upon how you use the 24h!

You got to hear me people talk about Oprah Winfrey, you know Ted Turner, Warren Buffett, listen to me. I don’t care how much money you make. You only get 24 hours in a day and the difference between Oprah and the person that’s broke is Oprah uses her 24 hours wisely.

That’s it. Listen to me, that’s it. You get 24. I don’t care if you broke, you grew up broke, I don’t care if you grew up rich I don’t care if you’re in college, you’re not in college, you only get 24 hours and I blew up literally. I went from being a high school dropout to selling 6,000 books in less than six months. What happened? About 24 hours.

I was like okay Eric you got to get a grip on your 24 hours because you bout to be broke for the rest of your life and that’s all I need you to do for me.

I can tell you all about your life if you just write down your 24 hours schedule for me. You let me look at it, I can tell you where you going to be in 5 years, I can tell you where you’re going to be in ten years, I can tell you where you’re going to be 20 years if you keep that schedule. I had a teacher in eighth grade, eighth grade tell me I wasn’t gonna make it to high school.

Eighth grade I had a teacher telling me that foolishness and what did I do I prove them right I went to high school wiling out. Ninth grade year wiled out so bad that school kicked me out. They was like you, we can’t even take this no more, kick you out.

Go to another school, I completely flunk that. Go to a third school and finally begin to get my act together. I’ve proven everybody who did not believe in me right and the few people who did believe in me, I proved them wrong. Again we dealing with, it matters of the heart now.

A lot of times we behave in the way we behave because we don’t feel like we got worth or value.

We don’t really recognize the heritage or who we are and what we can do so we just on that I’m just going to do whatever and get a couple of laughs but when you recognize how great you are, when you recognize that champion that’s inside you you’ll say you know what I got more to give. There’s more than life than this right here. I deserve better.

You deserve better and then you’ll say you know what, what I’m going to do I’m gonna prove everybody who didn’t believe in me wrong and the few people who do believe in me I prove them right and when you do that everything inside your life changes. I just started saying before I make decisions, I just started saying okay, is this going to make my momma proud or all the people that’s hating on me it’s just going to make them say ‘see, I told you.

I’m in India speaking, I’ve found out the culture in India there, in Bangalore I was has the highest suicide rate because if these kids do not do well in high school they know they won’t go to college and they know for the rest of their life they’ll end up with poverty and they said I’d rather die than be in poverty.

That’s what you call desperation. What, you’re going to settle for whatever the world gives you?

You’re going to settle for living how your mom and dad live now? I’m telling you all my young friends, you ain’t gotta settle for that. Most people think that the people that are at a very high level in society are cut from a different cloth. They think that they’re, they’re literally a different breed than them and that they’re and that they can’t get those things. So that’s kind of interesting right and it’s always kind of a shocker to have the, the myth of that person burst but see here’s the thing.

Although we’re not cut from a different cloth, the fact that I mastered consistency is the difference and most people will never do that. No one wants you to succeed right? Only your mom and even your mom doesn’t want you to succeed cause she’s afraid you’re not gonna call her back. Your brain doesn’t want you to be a big success. Your brain just wants to keep you alive.

All your brain wants you to do is just pump out one or two kids so that the DNA can continue on, that’s it. Your brain will trick you. You are your own worst enemy. I know that if I fail to do that, that I am not instilling those habits, that’s going to have, going to have a big-picture long-term goal. Dudes, talent is overrated homie. There’s no price too great for me. There’s nothing too great. I would die for, for my dreams. You know what I’m saying? I’m willing to risk it. There’s, there’s nothing too great, there’s no amount that I’m not willing to go but you could accomplish anything you want man.

If you’re willing to do it. Right? But again you’ll realize that what you think you are is not what you are. You become something else. You literally become something else. If you want to be someone who’s tireless you cannot be tired down, you’ll become something else.

So you don’t have those limitations a normal human being has, you don’t have that because you become something else.

You become something that embodies certain things that you’re trying to move forward. You’ll go to any length you, so you’re not going get tired because that because do that, at that point you have God on your side. That’s not even you anymore dude. It’s like, you know how? What I do is I focus on maybe one or two or three things at a time and then I just do it and then I get that done and then I do the next thing and then I get that done and then I do the next thing. No one’s going to put you on. You got, you have to put yourself on. No one’s going to put you on.

So, so you make that choice you just do your small tasks and you do it but see no one wants to hear that. Success is about just quiet little actions. Getting rid of anything that’s unnecessary. Success is like a quiet daily set of tasks, real small. Real real small. It’s very quiet.

It’s a very quiet process where you’re just drawing your state from within yourself doing these like simple little tasks but finding love in those simple little tasks. It’s not this big rah-rah speech where you do this one thing and something big happens.

I’m tired. I don’t want to do it and I got a million reasons not to do it but what I do is I make the choice that I say if I can’t make myself go do this, how am I going to live my dreams? I found that if I miss one day, I’ll miss every day..

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