Darren Hardy invites to Vemma Convention in Malmo

Success, The Ultimate Frontier – these are the voyages I take each and every day. ” As publisher of Success Magazine it is now been a 5 year mission to explore the strange wonders of why it is that some people become extraordinary successful while others do not. To seek out new ideas, new understandings and new strategies so together I can help you to go where no man or a woman has gone before Sound kind of familiar?

I often feel like I’m making a Star Trek voyage each and every day. But instead of outward in the space it is an inward journey into our motivations, drives and ambitions. Our success, our outcomes in life are a product of our habits.

Aristotle said: Our habits become our life, behind our habits are our single acts of behavior and behind behavior are your choices, the decisions you make to act or behave.

So then what drives your choices, your attitudes and your mindset? That is as far as many before me have been able to get. It was their atom. But I’ve gotten further. What’s forming your attitude and mindset? It’s the input you feed your mind. But just breaking the most elementary particle, there’s still something even deeper at play. Something beyond your attitudes and the input that you’re feeding it. Behind it all are your beliefs. Ultimately it is our beliefs that shape our destiny. They are the purest building block behind all our results.

All our beliefs are the prism by which we see and experience the entire world around us. Everything we hear, everything we see is filtered through our installed beliefs system. Why can 2 people look at the same picture or scenario and see two totally different realities? It’s the belief prism in which they are seeing it through.

The freighting thing is that almost every believe that you have about yourself, your potential, the potential of the world around you and your belief in becoming successful was installed by others. Your imperfect parents or other authority figures, peers or even cultural means or media or other misinterpreted experiences of the past whose scares still might linger.

These beliefs of which you are probably unconsciously aware of may be the very thing that is holding you back. The reason why no matter what you try you seem not to be making any progress.

And if you do you have a hard time sustaining it. Do you feel that way? Do you have great ambitions but you seem to struggle to realize them? Even in the slightest this may be the most exciting session you have ever attended. this could be what finally opens up the front gates to your great inner potential.

Remember what happen when we were able to go beyond the atom and split it? It released a power never before seen or experienced in human history – became the atom bomb. When we can get behind your attitudes and mindset and install the beliefs you need to be successful the energy and potential it will release it could be equally awesome..

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