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Cashflow Quadrant: How to Make More Money with Self Employment, Business and Investment

If you want to truly transform your business and your life. Today I will introduce to you a concept of a cash flow quadrant.

Some of you may be familiar with it but will go much deeper and see the difference between self-employment and the real business and how large businesses systemize so that cash flow goes on whether that they are not okay here we go. Have you seen this it’s called the cash flow quadrant from Robert to your psyche reach dad poor dad.

Have you seen this no some of you have thank you Robert. I read the book many times, it inspired me but what I didn’t understand is the full implication of these quadrants. And what does really business and investment means. There are four kinds of quadrants. There are four categories of making money with talked about job.

How to Save Money: 52 Week Money Challenge

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E – Stand for Employ   

S – Stands for Self-employment 

B – Stands for Business

I – Stand for Investment

There is a barrier between these guys and these guys. There are people who are in the job . Most of their lives. Like I started so what you think.

Why do you think people stay in employment because of security exactly security that one. The page you give me the paycheck. I’m not willing to work for more. And I’m not trying to criticizing. It’s absolutely fine for some people with their personality that did the best in that organization and they do wonders in that area it’s not once the role but for them. Security is important that want to feel the backup of the organization or a small organization.

How to Save Money: 52 Week Money Challenge

They do what they do best and that others do the rest . They are not big business people. Find warehouse strategy for them. Also in search of security. There is retirement and healthcare used to be part of our society but in the last couple of years. We just about destroyed that is getting less secure. That is true, that is true.

Source: richdad.com

This area is less secure now. This is the most insecure people in many cases that is true the last IRA and the health gives getting deteriorated this.

Anybody feel secure in their job these days, people get sheds very easily because of restructuring and cooperation. I was one of him but I said myself now that this is where I started started their eye had an MBA and a marketing for Corporation and I thought I don’t want my own boss. I do want my own boss. I don’t want the boss, I want to be my own boss I moved into self-employment. So what happens is self-employment. They work really hard and who is their boss who is their worst boss of all themselves. You got it.

Somebody come workaholics like me the work really hard and here is what happens was self-employment.

They think I want my freedom and creativity and is fine. I’m not criticizing you. I await your at this people can become wealthy and these people can become wealthy but those people are definitely wealthy but this is what happens with self-employed people. Anybody self-employed here. Everybody this is the cause for self-employed my God archaic income work for me. Okay, self-employed, all in one quadrant. Here we go party guys make more money. Think about it.

If you wanted to make the money right now what would you do I would work one-on-one with individuals and I would teach classes certificate more money so you would work more if you went away in a hole there would you still make money.

No senior to physically be there to make money.

That’s right you need to work hours to make money. How many hours can you work well. I would like to work on the 20 hmmm it physically. Could you work well, probably 40, 50 or right probably closer to 50.

How to Save Money: 52 Week Money Challenge

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So here it easy let’s say you have a few lines.

You have a job in the contract are you okay I work 20 hours. I need more money all yes another 35 hours that’s okay. But then, I’m getting text most of it. I need more money now 60 hours. That’s okay. But you know him new car but these but these are need the money. How much mourned the scale can you push you can charge more. It’s true you can get creative eating get people to work for your but now you creating a business.

So here is the think I have realized about self-employment, it’s very profound self-employment it’s limiting it. It is about you applying yourself. You have no leverage in other words, and finance collaborative leveraging resources creativity new doing everything yourself and how good are you doing everything yourself. Good for a certain amount of time what happens on that side is business and investment here is the thing that occurred to me.

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We talked about real estate. Dr. by business business and investment both of them real estate blogs. Their interest was here but both of them has a very different way of generating cash flow. What a thing. So what happens on that site that does not run the other side. It’s residual income money that is being made that I’m making being expanded because of the people I’m working with me or investment are made when money is making money.

How to Save Money: 52 Week Money Challenge

So you’re leveraging leveraging resources leveraging money investing in stocks or bonds or mortgages should leveraging your money to invest.

I realize even if you’re small person like self-employed person turn it into a system in a small way it doesn’t mean you have to re-create this particular process if you’re entering data you building a sales prices put into a computer see Don have to search by hand all the time.

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Use computers, you think of everything you do and how can I sent system eyes I can do less it’s really system. I had a very wealthy person tell me once he had multimillion dollar companies tell me a secret here ready went bust everybody. He was an Internet marketer.

How to Save Money: 52 Week Money Challenge

Everybody ready bust and he’s was prospering. I have a simple rule I keep it small, tight abdominal was spent by the make sure I don’t have to do anything twice. Everything in my company is reproducible very quickly and easy it’s a big secret. I wanted to start thinking in the quickly right now what can you do in the audience here.


What can you do in your business right now you self-employment.

You could put in place to do more with less, but love to hear about it and here is to your success of systemizing your business.

How to Save Money: 52 Week Money Challenge

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