Cashflow Quadrant: How to Make More Money


Today I will introduce to you the real concept of making money and business…

Have you seen this? It’s called the cash flow quadrant from Robert Kiyosaki author of the best selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

I´ve read this book many times, it inspired me but what I didn’t understand is the full implication of these quadrants and what does real business and investment mean. There are four kinds of quadrants. There are four categories of making money.




E – Stand for Employee   

S – Stands for Self-employment 

B – Stands for Business

I – Stand for Investment

Let´s dig…

1 – Stand for Employee  

People who work for others.

As an employee, you will earn monthly income, no matter the company you work for gained profit or not. But what if for any reason you could not work anymore? As an employee, there´s a Boss who takes control of you. Otherwise, how much maximum income could you earn?

People are also in search of security there is retirement and healthcare plan used to be part of our society but in the last couple of years. We are just about to realize that is getting less and less secure. That is true, that is the real truth.