Introduction to Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line

Hi, I’m Jordan Belfort. Welcome to the Straight Line sales training system – the science behind achieving massive sales results in the shortest time possible.

The way this cutting-edge system works is by combining the most advanced techniques in behavioral signs with astonishingly effective system of sales and influence, allowing you to dramatically ramp up your closing rate and develop customers for life.

This program represents over 25 years of real-world business experience,

which started in what’s probably the most competitive market in the world, namely Wall Street, then combining it with the cutting-edge science what separates the absolute best sales’ people in the world from people who can’t basically sell their way out of a paper bag.

Now, we’ve spent literally hundreds of hours doing detailed clinical trials and, what we’ve been able to prove, is that with this process we can take virtually any sales’ person in any industry and dramatically ramp up their closing rate, shorten their sales cycle, increase their up-sell results and radically improve their ability to bring in a steady stream of customer referrals.

Among other things this is probably gonna help you discover your strengths as a sales’ person and show you how to build on them, and also we’ll show you how to identify your weaknesses as a sales’ person, which will give you a step-by-step action plan for instantly showing them up, so you can raise the level of your game in a very big way and start closing more sales in a more elegant and stress-free fashion.

Now, if you’re a sales’ manager, what you’ll notice with the Straight Line system, is that because

it’s so easy to learn and it’s so duplicate within your sales force, it’s not just gonna elevate each sales’ persons’ results individually, but also the result of your entire sales force as a unit.

Seeming each sales process doing things the same way with the same outcome in mind, everyone starts to learning from each other, he starts feeding of each other’s energy and before, you know, it “bam”, you find yourself running the top sales force in your industry.

Bottom line..

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