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    You Can Become What You Think – Dream Big 2k18

    Ladies and Gentleman it takes courage to live your dreams. It takes courage to stand where you want to. It takes courage to start something which can change your life and it takes courage to manifest your greatness. There are times when you decide to take a step forward and someone knocks you down. There […]

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    What do the Rich really Want?

    Rich people have a lot of power One of the key questions of modern economics, and politics is therefore What do the rich really want? The standard of assumption is tended to be more money, but the reality is stranger and more hopeful. Ironically, the one thing that the rich general aren’t much more motivated […]

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    What Is a Smart Investment?

    Smart investments, do you know what they are? Where do you look for them? That’s today’s video, smart investments. Let’s dive in. What in the heck is a smart investment? Hey everyone, I’m Clayton Morris. I’m the founder of Morris Invest. I’ve rehabbed hundreds of homes in some markets all across the country, gosh knows, […]