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    The Three Greatest Lessons of My Life By Grant Cardone

    People always ask me about my mentors. “Who mentored you? Who influenced you? Who has contributed to the success that I’m experienced in my life?” Today is a big milestone for me. We today open my third real estate fund. It’s a $40 million real estate fund, Cardone Capital. I’ve resisted doing this for years […]

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    How To Live Like The Rich On A Budget by Dan Lok

    You can spend money enjoy life as long as this is the most important slide of the entire evening. Write it down. The king of high ticket sales. World’s highest-paid consultant . Media celebrity. Multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Acclaimed TEDx speaker. International best-selling author. Dan Lok. You can spend money enjoy life as long as your first […]

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    What Is a Smart Investment?

    Smart investments, do you know what they are? Where do you look for them? That’s today’s video, smart investments. Let’s dive in. What in the heck is a smart investment? Hey everyone, I’m Clayton Morris. I’m the founder of Morris Invest. I’ve rehabbed hundreds of homes in some markets all across the country, gosh knows, […]