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    10 Things You DIDN’T KNOW About MONEY

    Number 10. If you have ten dollars in your pocket and no debt, you have more wealth than 25% of Americans. Wealth is unevenly distributed throughout the world and throughout the United States. Six members of the Walton family, the family that owns Walmart have more wealth than the bottom 30% of Americans Number 9. […]

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    Accounting vs. Finance: What’s the Difference?

    Wait a minute! I know I’ve got to track my company’s finances, but do I hire a finance person, or an accounting person? Can somebody help me out, here?! Hey, everyone! My name is Eddy Hood, the CEO of Ignite Spot Outsourced Accounting. I get asked THIS question all the time, you’ve probably had the […]

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    What do the Rich really Want?

    Rich people have a lot of power One of the key questions of modern economics, and politics is therefore What do the rich really want? The standard of assumption is tended to be more money, but the reality is stranger and more hopeful. Ironically, the one thing that the rich general aren’t much more motivated […]

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    Why the Rich are Getting Richer by Robert Kiyosaki

    This subject, “wealth and income Inequality” are the biggest moral crisis, and I’ll also say it’s a spiritual crisis in America today, all around the world. This gap between the rich and everybody else is reaching critical proportions. I think one of the biggest crises of the young people, today’s young unemployed become tomorrow’s unemployable; […]

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    How Millionaires Think About Productivity in 2017

    Today we’re going to talk about productivity. How millionaires manage the time, achieve personal productivity. For this particular topic. I am extremely passionate about this topic. Because productivity at the end of day with its entrepreneur that what it’s all about. The king of high ticket sales. World’s highest-paid consultant. Media celebrity. Multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Acclaimed […]