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    Developing a Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck

    Today I want to tell you about the power of “yet.” I learned in High School in Chicago where students had to pass eighty four unity to graduate and if they didn’t pass they got the grade “not yet.” I thought, isn’t that wonderful? Because if you fail you’re nowhere but if you get the […]

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    You Can Become What You Think – Dream Big 2k18

    Ladies and Gentleman it takes courage to live your dreams. It takes courage to stand where you want to. It takes courage to start something which can change your life and it takes courage to manifest your greatness. There are times when you decide to take a step forward and someone knocks you down. There […]

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    Best Gift Ideas For Man “Christmas Gift” (2017)

    Whether it be your brother, your father, your husband, your spouse, or a friend, basically any man! Now on Pan TheOrganizer, I’m here to help YOU find those gift ideas and make your shopping experience super simple! Let’s get the show started! Don´t Click:  Cashflow Quadrant: How to Make More Money So what I’m going to […]