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    How to Invest In Real Estate with No Money

    Today on REITV, we are gonna be addressing probably one of the most commonly asked questions in all of real estate which is, “Can you actually invest in real estate with no money?”. What do you think – Buying real estate with no money? I think it’s stupid. A lot of people claim you can. […]

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    Learn Why Regret Is Poison “Best Advice For 2018”

    – “Go talk to 90-year-olds. They regret. They talk about regret. “I wish” is the opening line. Hey, man, tell me about your life. Literally, I wish. One by one at the airport, at airport, park or park, event or event, bar or bar, every one of them, every one of them, all of them […]

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    What do the Rich really Want?

    Rich people have a lot of power One of the key questions of modern economics, and politics is therefore What do the rich really want? The standard of assumption is tended to be more money, but the reality is stranger and more hopeful. Ironically, the one thing that the rich general aren’t much more motivated […]

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    How to Handle Pressure as an Entrepreneur

    There’s one thing I fear with people that follow all these different videos online especially Valuetainment being one of them is to think it is so easy to become an entrepreneur. I don’t want to mislead you for you to think this is easy. The game of entrepreneurship is very, very hard. This is why […]