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    Introduction to Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line

    Hi, I’m Jordan Belfort. Welcome to the Straight Line sales training system – the science behind achieving massive sales results in the shortest time possible. The way this cutting-edge system works is by combining the most advanced techniques in behavioral signs with astonishingly effective system of sales and influence, allowing you to dramatically ramp up […]

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    Change your habits, change your life

    “Hello there and welcome. It’s Bob Proctor here. I’m gonna take you back in time and space by using this flip chart here. I know we’ve got all kinds of technical dazzle-dazzle today. But I wanna communicate this idea to you. First, let me ask you a couple questions. Have you ever wondered why you […]

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    Finding a Mentor Is Easier Than You Think by Dan Martell

    How to find a mentor. It’s probably the most important topic as a entrepreneur you’ve got to figure out. And it’s why I have been holding off for all these months before I shared it because I want to make sure that I have the absolutely best framework for you guys to follow to find […]

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    How to Invest In Real Estate with No Money

    Today on REITV, we are gonna be addressing probably one of the most commonly asked questions in all of real estate which is, “Can you actually invest in real estate with no money?”. What do you think – Buying real estate with no money? I think it’s stupid. A lot of people claim you can. […]

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    Is College Really Worth It in 2018? Or Just a Big Mistake?

    “I keep looking through college degrees and the jobs you could land with them and I just keep going back to how overpriced it all is. Is it even worth it? That’s a really interesting question, not just to prospective college students, but also to people in their mid 30’s still paying off their college […]