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    How to Handle Pressure as an Entrepreneur

    There’s one thing I fear with people that follow all these different videos online especially Valuetainment being one of them is to think it is so easy to become an entrepreneur. I don’t want to mislead you for you to think this is easy. The game of entrepreneurship is very, very hard. This is why […]

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    – The Monday rant video was reverse engineered. I just knew that people would want to watch it. And that’s what I also think is going to happen here. Basically I want this film to give you the audacity to actually go out and do it. You’re 52 years old and it’s not being talked […]

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    5 common mistakes in SEO (and 6 good ideas!)

    I’m Maile Ohye. I work at Google as a Developer Programs Tech Lead, normally from our headquarters in Mountain View, California. But today, I’m at home in San Francisco to talk about the five most common mistakes I find in SEO. Mistake number one is working on SEO before your site has a value proposition. […]

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    The Key to being a Successful Entrepreneur | DailyVee 224

    Today we are going to transcript our best insights from DailyVee 224 “We Love Gary so enjoy the show” “Hey guys. I think that we can do cool cultural stuff like, take a break week where you work on different stuff. Like just good stuff. It’s a great way for us to mix people. So […]